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Diabetes Depot Winter 2016 Newsletter

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Winter Newsletter

 Winter Newsletter

Fellow Pumpers,

We’re now officially into the busy Holiday Season. We understand how hectic things can get over the next few weeks and we would like to make it easier for you. In this newsletter, we hope to give you some tips and advice to make the season a success!

Check out our article demystifying some of the myths of low-carb beer and alcohol choices.

Learn how to use that smartphone to be a smart glucose meter.

And don’t get caught short of your pumping supplies. Order now online or call us at 1-888-678-8887 to place your order. Consider a 2-month supply to ensure you don’t run out over the holiday, and place your order by Dec 12, 2016.


Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holiday season fast approaching here are some gift ideas for your loved ones with diabetes or for yourself.

Perfect Portions Nutritional Scale


The Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts is a scale and nutritional calculator in one. It is the most intuitive, easy-to-read nutritional scale on the market because it integrates the familiar Nutrition Label. Built-in database of 2000 foods. Unlike other nutritional scales, the Perfect Portions Scale breaks down the information into % daily value, tracks your daily total, and even allows you to customize the scale by entering your own foods. The scale is designed with a stylish glass-top surface and touchpad keys to integrate the platform, display, and keys into one clean surface. Beautifully designed and intuitively engineered, the Perfect Portions Scale revolutionizes the usability of food scales for portion control and weight management.

SALE PRICE $ 69.95 till end of December regular $79.95

Kamor Waist Belt


  • Easily pull this over your head or up your legs and position it on your waist or hips, fitting nice and snug, without uncomfortable chafing. Turn over for double protection.
  • One large pocket, space continuous around the belt, which can hold a lot of personal belongings, another small separate pocket can take your cash, ID, cards more securely. An inner keychain to hook your key tightly plus a zippered pocket for extra security.
  • Four openings and 10 CM height, easily slide in and access items throughout the belt for Insulin Pump, blood glucose meter, Glucose tablets, cellphones, money and more. Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Ezy-fit Case


The Ezy-fit Case carries all of your daily diabetes needs in one place. The outer case is made of a durable, easy to clean, hard-shell material. Available in black only.

Dario All-in-One Glucose Meter

Finally! Turn Your Smart Phone into a Smart Glucose Monitor!

Dario is a personalized, pocket-sized all-in-one glucose meter that lets you monitor blood sugar levels wherever you are in seconds on our easy-to-use mobile application.


Five Things You Need to Know About Alcohol and Diabetes

BeerHaving a drink at a party or family gathering is a popular way to unwind and relax over the holidays, but for people living with diabetes there are some serious risks involved.

Joanne Lewis, dietitian and Manager of Diabetes Research for the Canadian Diabetes Association, discusses some facts and tips for drinking and diabetes.

Whether it’s counting your calories or making the right beverage choices, here are five things every person with diabetes needs to know:


  1. Alcohol Alone Won’t Raise Your Blood-Sugar: Although it’s a common misconception, Lewis says alcohol won’t raise your blood sugar. It’s often the added sugars found in coolers, liqueurs and soda that can raise your levels.

    “A lot of people are under the misconception that it can raise your blood sugar, and so what they might do is have a drink and not eat, because they’re thinking, ‘ok, the alcohol is going to raise my sugar’.

    “But if they’re taking insulin or certain oral medications, they can actually end up with a low blood sugar, because alcohol affects the liver that way. The liver gets busy detoxifying the alcohol to where it’s not producing the sugar it needs to produce to get into the blood to keep everything leveled,” she says.

  2. Choose Your Beverage Wisely: You may be longing for a tangy margarita, or tempted to try a mixed drink with sugar sodas, but the reality is these drinks will raise your blood sugar levels. Lewis says if you must drink, dry wines (including Merlot, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio), beer or straight liquor is less likely to raise your blood sugar.

  3. Beer and Carbs are Complicated: Carbohydrate counting can often be as much a concern as blood sugar levels. Lewis says experts no longer count alcohol carbohydrates as food, and neither should you.

    “With a regular beer we don’t count the carbs in it. It (alcohol) neutralizes it, or balances out the carbs that are in the beer with the effect is has on the liver to lower the blood sugar.

    “At one point, years ago when I started off in diabetes education, we used to count beer as a carb choice, in place of a slice of bread. But we no longer substitute food for beer or beer for food,” she says.

    Lewis stresses that low-carb beers and light beers are preferable from a caloric standpoint, but that the blood sugar affect from the carbs in beer is usually negated by the alcohol.

  4. Don’t Save Up Drinks: CDA guidelines recommend limiting your alcohol consumption to no more than 10 drinks a week for women, and 12 to 15 for men (1 standard drink is 10 g alcohol, 341 ml of 5 per cent alcohol beer, 43 ml of 40 per cent alcohol spirits, 142 ml of 12 per cent alcohol wine).

    But some people, especially young adults, will try and “save” their drinks all week to splurge on the weekend. Lewis says it’s risky.

    “Type 1 young adults are at a very high risk of having low blood sugar immediately with their friends, while they are partying. It can also happen the next day, where there may not be anyone around to notice you are having a low blood sugar. It’s not a good idea to binge drink.

    “A drop can happen up to 12 to 24 hours later. One recommendation to help prevent that would be to eat as soon as you get home, before you go to bed. Set an alarm so that after a few hours you wake up and check your blood sugar, and see if you need to eat something at that point,” she says.

  5. Bring Supplies and a Friend: Heading to a cottage, going camping or travelling on the long weekend? Lewis says you need to be prepared for anything. “Bring something with you to treat a low. Either regular pop, Lifesavers or glucose tablets are key to have on their body with them, at all times.

    “So you’re not having to go find a place, especially if they are at someone’s cottage and there are no stores nearby, you need to have something with you,” she says.

    Another tip? Bring somebody who isn’t drinking (or isn’t drinking as much) who can monitor your health and keep an eye out for drops. Alcohol inhibits your perceptions, and a drop may be happening without you realizing it.

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Placing Your Order before the Holiday Season

Couriers are closed Christmas, Boxing Day, Dec 27-16, New Year’s Day and Jan 2-17. After Cyber Monday, on Nov 28th this year, all shipping becomes very busy. We can usually guarantee shipping in two business days (Monday to Friday) in Southern Ontario and most of Quebec and 5 to 6 days everywhere else but, over winter and holidays it becomes much more difficult to rush orders that are left to the last minute.

Canada Post is suggesting Dec 12th as the last day to send a parcel by regular postage for delivery before Christmas.

We are following their guideline and suggest you place your order by Dec 12th. Consider ordering a two or three month supply to last through winter or set up automatic shipping so your supplies never get forgotten at this busy time.

Students away from home please keep us up to date on your current shipping address.


On behalf of all the staff at Diabetes Depot and Stutt's Pharmacy, I wish you and your family a safe and happy Holiday Season,

Tino Montopoli

R.Phm., B.Sc.Phm., Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Pump Trainer, Certified CGMS Trainer


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