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Diabetes Depot Special Announcement February 2018

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We are pleased to announce that Renee Styles has joined the Diabetes Depot team. Renee is a nurse with experience in diabetes education and currently uses an Animas pump herself but has had experience using Medtronic's Paradigm pump and Tandem's T-Slim pump when she worked in the USA. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and will be a valuable resource for clients transitioning from Animas to Medtronic pumps. I currently use a Medtronic pump and offer my experience as a user and Certified Pump Trainer to clients who may encounter problems or need advice.

Many of you are familiar with Deb Murray who has been our customer service rep for the last 3 years. She will continue in this role and brings vast experience and product knowledge with her.

Kind Regards,
Tino Montopoli
CDE Pharmacist

Deb, Tino and Renee




While Animas has stopped selling their Pumps as of October 2017,Diabetes Depot will continue to carry ALL supplies for Animas pumps at discounted prices.

If you transition to the Medtronic pump, we can offer all the supplies for your new pump at discounted prices.



54 Years on Insulin

Feb 9, 2018 will mark 54 years that I first started using insulin. "I feel very fortunate and privileged to be able to tell my story. I dedicate this piece to all the families living with Diabetes. Please feel free to send to friends, family or anybody you feel may appreciate this story or find hope and encouragement in reading it."

Tino Montopoli and Dr Bruce Perkins


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