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Diabetes Depot Fall 2019 Newsletter

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Welcome to Diabetes Depot, now under new ownership with LMC Pharmacy!

LMC Making Healthy Easier

Diabetes Depot was founded in 2004 by pharmacist and type 1 pumper, Tino Montopoli, to make life easier for insulin pump users. Today, this mission continues under LMC Pharmacy, where our motto is "Making Healthy Easier" for individuals living with diabetes.

While the home base of Diabetes Depot will move to LMC Pharmacy-Brampton, you can expect the same level of commitment to savings for your insulin pump supplies. As well, Tino and Renee are also here! Tino will continue as our knowledgeable consultant and Renee, also an insulin pump user, will continue to support your ordering and pump information needs.

Saving money is good, but we are also here to support you! We’re passionate about education and helping improve your quality of life. Our Certified Pump Trainers, Certified Diabetes Educators (Pharmacists, Registered Nurses and Dietitians - many of whom are fellow pumpers) are available to answer your pump, medication and health questions.

We Want Your Feedback!

As a loyal Diabetes Depot client, we value your input. Please share suggestions for products and features that would improve your shopping, education or diabetes community experience. As a token of our appreciation for completing the survey, you will receive a $10 coupon code to use toward your next Diabetes Depot purchase.


We aim to be your Diabetes Depot, ready to help you along your journey with savings, education and professional support from LMC Pharmacy, your diabetes medication specialists!

Thank you in advance for helping us serve you better!

Regards, Alicia Chin, RPh
Director, LMC Pharmacy



Fall Travel Tips

Travelling this fall? Read these travel tips from Diabetes Canada.

Be prepared in case of severe HYPOGLYCEMIA with a GlucaGen Hypokit



Flu Prevention Tips & What To Do If You Get the Flu!

Many parts of Canada have already received their first major snowfall of the season, a signal that cold and flu season is upon us!

People with diabetes often have a weakened ability to fight off infection. That’s why you’ll hear your healthcare team cautioning you to protect yourself from infections, whether it be from the flu or from cuts and scrapes.

Flu Prevention

Based on flu patterns in the world this year, the 2019 flu season in Canada is expected to be severe. Get your flu shot as soon as possible in order to be protected sooner rather than later.

Did you know?

  1. It takes 2 weeks for the flu vaccination to reach effectiveness.
  2. The sooner you get your shot, the more time you are covered throughout the flu season!
  3. Each year’s flu shot is a custom blend – so last year's won’t protect you from the same set of flu strains as this year's shot.

In addition to getting your flu shot every year, other flu prevention tips include

  • Washing your hands often
  • Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Not touching your face

What To Do If You Get the Flu

Sometime despite our best efforts we get sick. Here are a couple good resources:



What to Do if your Pump Stops Working

If your insulin pump fails or you choose to switch to injections for a day or more, it is important to have a plan in place to manage your diabetes injections.

For more information, read this great article.



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