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Test Strips

Test Strips - Diabetes Depot carries a full line of insulin pump supplies - all major insulin infusions sets, insulin reservoirs and cartridges available in Canada, all at significant discounts below the manufacturer's list price.

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  1. Bionime Blood Glucose Test Strips 100s
    Some of the features include the following: • Segregated blood sample port • Patented noble gold technology incorporating the latest in nano-technology • Large, easy to handle injection molded plastic strips • Color coded strips to ensure proper meter/strip match Learn More
  2. Dario Blood Glucose Strips (100) PIN 9773301
    Each strip cartridge holds 25 disposable strips. When you run out of strips, just pull out the cartridge and insert a new one. It’s as easy as that. Test strips are sold in boxes of 100 strips that contain 4 cartridges. Learn More
  3. GE BG Test Strips 100s $59.99 - 61.99
    True Auto Coding Testing made simple. Reduce false test results due to coding errors with the one-of-a-kind True Auto Coding feature. Accurate Noble Metal Electrodes and a patented strip structure provides highly accurate and reliable results in about 5 seconds. Large Screen Know your results in a glance with the easy to read, extra large display. Clean & No Mess Innovative application port, grip handle and top loading feature reduce unnecessary sample handling for a cleaner testing experience. Easy to Handle Easy to hold, use and test. Palm-sized meter and big buttons combined with extra large, plastic reinforced test strips make handling easier than ever. Tiny Blood Sample The GE200 requires only a small amount of blood for accurate results. PURCHASE 3 BOXES AND SAVE- ONLY $53.95 PER BOX Learn More
  4. Contour BG NEXT Strips 100's ONLY $79.89
    New CONTOUR® NEXT meter brings next-generation accuracy, with the new CONTOUR® NEXT test strip. This powerful meter and strip combination uses innovative technology, giving you results that are even closer to those obtained in a laboratory. The new CONTOUR® NEXT system is especially accurate in low ranges – which is important to help you identify and act when you have a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Learn More
  5. MediSure Blood Glucose Test Strips (100s)
    The MediSure Test Strips are easy to handle and have highly accurate assays that (unlike other manufacturers' test strips) are not affected by interferences in other test strips such as high uric acid levels, or Peritoneal patients in dialysys, or higher blood concentrations of galactose, maltose, maltotriose or maltotetraose. Our test strips are conveniently packaged in boxes of 100 containing two Vials of 50 test strips. 
Everyone Saves... Quality and Performance that meets or exceeds the current Glucose meters, and strips in Canada at up to half the price of current test strips. Learn More
  6. Accu-Chek Mobile-100 test in 2 cassettes
    50 tests on 1 cassette No single test strips to handle and nothing to dispose of after each test Small 0.3 µl blood sample size 100 test strip size Learn More
  7. NovaMax Blood Ketone strips (10's)

    Why Ketone Measurements Are Important
    Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening metabolic complication of diabetes with a mortality rate of 2%-10%1
    DKA is the leading cause of hospitalization, morbidity, and death in children with type 1 diabetes 2.
    The use of a blood test for early detection of increased blood ketone levels can help to avert DKA3,4,5
    According to the ADA, blood ketone testing should be performed on sick days and whenever glucose is greater than 13.9-16.6 mmol/L.

    No Coding Needed
    Miscoded meters can lead to glucose errors as large as 50%

    No Maltose Error:
    Keeps some patients from getting falsely elevated glucose results from the presence of other sugars in the blood such as maltose.

    Tiny 0.3 Microliter Sample Size
    Less pain for patients.

    Learn More
  8. OneTouch Ultra Strips "BLUE" (100's)
    One Touch Ultra strips (100's)NEW LOOK ON PRODUCT! Learn More
  9. FreeStyle Lite Test Strips (100's)
    The FreeStyle Freedom Lite ® blood glucose monitor combines a large numeric display with an ergonomic design for testing that’s easy on your hand and your eyes. With a 5-second average test time and up to a minute to re-apply the blood sample. 100 test strips per box Learn More
  10. True Track Test Strips 100's

    True Track Test Strips 100's


    Best value for blood glucose testing. True Precision for clinically accurate results. Easy to use. Ask about free meter when you purchase 100 strips. Learn More

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