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Additional Insulin Pump Supplies for Animas

Additional Insulin Pump Supplies for Animas - Diabetes Depot carries a full line of insulin pump supplies - all major insulin infusions sets, insulin reservoirs and cartridges available in Canada, all at significant discounts below the manufacturer's list price.

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  1. Lithium Engergizer Batteries AA 2/P
    AA Lithium Energizer batteries last up to 7 times longer. Provides extended service. May be used in the Animas IR 1200 Pump. Two batteries per package. Learn More
  2. Animas Battery Cap

    Animas Battery Cap


    For One Touch Ping, Animas 2020 and Animas IR1200 series insulin pumps. Battery caps should be changed every 6 months. If you work in a dusty environment or if you are a frequent swimmer, you should change your battery cap every 3 months. Learn More
  3. Animas Cartridge Cap

    Animas Cartridge Cap


    For One Touch Ping, Animas 2020 and Animas IR1200 series insulin pumps. The pump will not operate without a cap. Always keep a spare cap-just in case your only one rolls under the fridge. Learn More
  4. Low Profile Clip for Animas Pumps
    Low profile clip designed for OneTouch® Ping™ and Animas® 2020 and Animas® IR 1200 series pumps. Learn More
  5. Vial Adapter  for Luer Reservoirs
    Ideal for use with Animas and Cozmo cardridges. These are used in place of the needle for withdrawing insulin out of the vial and into your cartridge / reservoir. Instructions for Use - just stick it into your vial and leave it there for up to 30 days - wipe the end with an alcohol wipe - fill you reservoir with air to the desired volume - push your reservoir against the tip and twist - push the air into the insulin vial - withdrawn insulin into the reservoir and push any visible bubbles back into the vial - after removing the reservoir, the vial adaptor will self seal The adapter holds the vial upright, reduces bubble formation and allows you to completely empty the vial thus reducing insulin wastage. Learn More
  6. Infusion Set IV 3000 (30PK)

    Infusion Set IV 3000 (30PK)


    IV 3000 INFUSION SET ADHESIVE PATCH is specially designed for use with infusion sets to provide additional fixation Learn More
  7. Clip-N-Go Pump Case

    Clip-N-Go Pump Case


    You can clip your insulin pump to your waistband so you can decide where the pump is most comfortable. The interlocking clip holds the pump securely in place. Made of water resistant nylon with a soft cotton lining. Fits all Animas Pumps. Black only. Learn More
  8. Dana Inserter R

    Dana Inserter R


    The Dana Inserter R is a reusuable auto-inserter specifically for Orbit-90 (Teflon) infusion sets. Allows for quick, easy and virtually pain-free insertions. It may be used over and over thus minimizing waste in comparison to single use disposable all-in-one units Learn More
  9. Leg Pouch on Elastic Belt-Beige

    Leg Pouch on Elastic Belt-Beige


    LEG POUCH, Beige: Can be worn discreetly under clothing. Wraps around the thigh or calf with a special pocket for the pump. The Vel Stretch nylon elasticized straps come in thigh width and can be altered to wear alternatively below the knee. Secure Velcro prevents slippage. Learn More

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