Not only do I have I child with this life threatening illness of Type 1 Diabetes, but also my other child  continues to suffer with the symptoms of heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot.  As a mother, I love and protect my children including the food that they eat and to see that both of my children are consistently fighting for their lives, leaves me with a heavy burden each day.  They are both now also living with depression as a result.  I seem to have to kiis the doctors asses and nurses to sign my son" ADP form for funding.  They keep passing it aroung while my son's life slips into danger zone.  

They say that although my son is using and benefitting from the insulin pump, and that he has depression, ADHD, speech language delay, that he is not testing the 4 times per days as the form indicates.  My phone call to ADP supervisor, Chris Vactora confirms to me that my son medical team can simply write a letter and attach it to the form that my son is still on the insulin pump and that he is benefitting from it.

To date they have not responded to any of my request and my son have to continue to reuse the instruments to last him from month to month. While I struggle with all this and to help him navigate due to his speech, depression, frustration, he is at risk as he had 2 near death experiences in the past due to all this.  This is a Canadian crying out for HELP and no one listening..

My daughter has a colourful stretch of medical dilemas that is throwing my emoting to a new level and so I will stop here.

Thank you for this opportunity to talk for my son Ty and my daughter T