Kamor Belt with 5 Pockets

Made of polyester/spandex fabric for moisture wicking, quick drying, stretch, softness against your skin, and machine washable. 3M™ reflective strip in the front of belt make your more visible during night.

  • Easily pull this over your head or up your legs and position it on your waist or hips, fitting nice and snug, without uncomfortable chafing. Turn over for double protection.
  • One large pocket, space continuous around the belt, which can hold a lot of personal belongings, another small separate pocket can take your cash, ID, cards more securely. An inner keychain to hook your key tightly plus a zippered pocket for extra security.



Universal Zipper Pump Pouch

This unbelievably small pouch will expand to accommodate more than just an insulin pump, epi pen, asthma inhaler, cell phone, keys, pocket camera, children's snacks, money, identification... or a combination of any other small items that you may want to carry with you on a daily basis, or as you travel.

The built in belt will adjust to comfortably fit waist measurements from approximately 28" to 42".

Assorted colours. https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/universal-zipper-pump-pouch.html



Universal Velcro Pump Pouch

Velcro Insulin Pump Pouch is universal for all pumps. Our elastic belts are adjustable to accommodate growing children and to allow the stretch required in active children's lives- 20-38". Assorted colours. https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/universal-velcro-pump-pouch.html

Clip-N-Go Pump Case

You can clip your insulin pump to your waistband so you can decide where the pump is most comfortable. The interlocking clip holds the pump securely in place. Made of water resistant nylon with a soft cotton lining. Fits all Animas Pumps. 


Belter Case

Belter™ for all insulin pumps.

The Belter™ holds your insulin pump on your belt. Just slip your belt through the back of the Belter and you can wear your pump in a horizontal position. The Belter accommodates belts up to 1.5" wide. Appropriate for business attire too.


Waist Pouch on Elastic Belt

Wear the pump around your waist for the ultimate in comfort. The soft, adjustable belt and case feel good under your clothing or pajama available in black or beige

https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/waist-pouch-on-elastic-belt-black.html black

https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/waist-pouch-on-elastic-belt-white.html beige


Bra Pouches in Black or Beige

BRA POUCH, Velcro is sewn onto bra and the pouch adheres to it. Pouch is made of soft Lycra.


FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallets

Travel wallet for insulin. No more messy ice bags. No more worry about refrigeration. Simply activate it with water and it keeps insulin cool for up to 48 hours. Re-usable. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate insulin vials, pens and insulin pumps. https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/catalogsearch/result?q=frio

On Thigh or Leg

The Thigh Thing https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/thigh-thing.html (above the knee) and the Leg Thing (below the knee) https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/leg-thing.html allows you to wear any insulin pump under dresses, shorts, or pants. It is a discreet alternative to wearing a pump on your bra, belt or underwear. It is a sleeve with a pocket made of nylon/spandex so it won't lose its shape.

LEG POUCH on ELASTIC BELT can be worn discreetly under clothing. Wraps around the thigh or calf with a special pocket for the pump. The Vel Stretch nylon elasticized straps come in thigh width and can be altered to wear alternatively below the knee. Secure Velcro prevents slippage.

Available in black https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/leg-pouch-for-medtronic-universal.html
and beige https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/leg-pouch-for-medtronic-universal.html




This new product is the most talked about accessory at the Oscars.The GirlyGoGarter® is a sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlex™ Grippers.  There are two types of pockets on the GirlyGoGarter®: easy-access (on the outside, just within the lace) and lock-flap (on the inside, against your thigh). Both types of pockets keep your insulin pump, BG meter, glucose tablets, money, I.D., lip gloss, mobile phone, keys, passport and all of your essentials safe, secure and right at your fingertips. Available in small (fits 0-6), medium (fits 8-12 and large (fits 14-18). Unsure of size? Go smaller rather than larger. Colours - Black, Nude, Red, Hot Pink, Wedding Blue. Check it out on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgwQig0qNTQ

Clips, Cases and Holsters for Pumps

Clips, Cases and Holsters for Pumps

phone us with make and model of your pump for recommendations

Multi-Fit Case

Multi-Fit Case

The stylish Multi-fit Case carries everything that the Ezy-fit Case carries plus much more. This new design is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. The outer case is made of a tough, easy to clean material with a lanyard loop handle, while Velcro and elastic features are used to hold equipment into place.

The top compartment carries a BG Meter, 2 x pen needles, foil or canister test strips, a lancet device, insulin vials, Test-wipes, a Record Book, a Card Sized Personalized Management Plan, a biro, a needle and lancet tips, as well as a rubbish bin. The compartment underneath can carry Insulin Pump Consumables, a Glucagon kit, jelly beans or food for hypo treatments, spare batteries, Test-wipes, test strips, other medications or even money and credit cards.

Finally, everything can truly be stored in the one place. https://www.diabetesdepot.org/diabetes/multi-fit-case.html