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Tino Montopoli
Tino Montopoli

Insulin Pump Supplies and Accessories

I understand what it's like to live with diabetes, as I was diagnosed with diabetes at age nine. Making life easier for insulin pump users is why I created Diabetes Depot.

Like my customers, I use an insulin pump to control my diabetes because it allows me to be spontaneous and flexible in managing my diabetes while reducing hypoglycemia. Reaching target blood glucose levels is not always easy, but being a Pharmacist, as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Pump Trainer, I know the importance of managing my blood glucose to reduce long-term complications. You are welcome to contact me about any aspect of insulin pump therapy or with any questions about specific insulin pump supplies.

Diabetes Depot carries a full line insulin pump supplies, including all major insulin infusions sets, insulin reservoirs and cartridges available in Canada, all at significant discounts below the manufacturer's list price. Our product line of diabetic supplies, required daily by people living with diabetes, include blood glucose meters, glucose test strips, lancets, insulin pen needles, insulin products, Dex-4 glucose tablets and Emla anesthetic cream. We also carry accessories such as pump clips, pump cases & pouches, prep pads, battery caps, diabetic socks, and helpful books on diabetes… everything an insulin pump user would require. Plus, because the Diabetes Depot is located within Stutt's Pharmacy, we also offer a complete prescription service.

Stutt's Diabetes Depot carries all the well-known brands of insulin pump supplies, including Accu-check infusion sets, Deltec Cozmo insulin cartridges/reservoirs, Animas infusion sets, Lantus Solostar Pens, Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm infusion sets, pen needle tips, Lifesource blood pressure monitors and ErecAid vacuum devices for erectile dysfunction.

I am passionate about diabetes education, so when you purchase from the Diabetes Depot, you also have at your disposal the resources of a pharmacist, a Certified Diabetes Educator and a fellow pumper. I am a member of a Peterborough Family Health Team, where I have the opportunity to help clients manage their diabetes. I have given many lectures on the management and prevention of diabetes complications to both patient groups and health care professionals throughout Canada, and am the proud recipient of numerous awards for this work. I hope my effort to provide lower-cost insulin pump supplies to Canadians will help you, and I again invite you to contact me with your specific diabetes questions.

Kind regards,

Tino Montopoli
R. Ph., B.Sc.Pharmacy, C.D.E., C.P.T.

Diabetes Longevity

By sharing your story and participating in this research study, you will be contributing to the understanding of type 1 diabetes and the factors that lead to a successful life. The questionnaire will allow Diabetes Longevity to learn more about you, your lifestyle, and how you have managed your diabetes over the years. The questionnaire will ask you about your diabetes history, other health conditions, medications, recent bloodwork and eye test results, medical conditions in your family, diet and exercise, and quality of life.

Get involved by getting in touch with Diabetes Longevity by signing up on there webpage or by calling there toll free at 1-855-808-0150.